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Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport Guide

What to Expect

  • This is a large, spread out airport with a very confusing layout that can be difficult to navigate. The facilities and amenities vary from terminal to terminal.
    Many travelers don’t recommend transiting here because it is confusing with bad signage, expensive, and has a lot of unexplained processes.
  • The airport has three terminals: T1 is the oldest, T2 is the largest (divided into eight, spread-out satellite terminals, and T3 is used for charters and low-cost carriers.
  • Terminal 2E (S4 and Hall L) offer the best amenities including a newly opened (November 2016) transit facility called Instant Paris, which is located inside Hall L. This is also where you will find the only airside sleep facility – hotel air.
  • Travelers generally feel safe here, though some reported seeing homeless people in some of the Landside areas of the terminals. As a result, be prepared for security. Speaking from our personal experience, the security guards were concerned about our safety and sympathized with our situation. They recommended that we sleep somewhere more out in the open than the location we had chosen.
  • WiFi is available.

Where to Sleep

  • Stick to Terminal 2E and 2A for overnight stays if possible; many travellers report that Terminal 2E is the most comfortable with the most seating options.
  • In Terminal 2E, head to Gate L – there are orange couches you can sleep on, just upstairs from the connecting train.
  • The airport can be cold and bright, so wear layers and have your blanket and a sleep mask/eyeshades handy.
  • For uninterrupted sleep, there are sleep cabins in Terminal 2E and several hotels on airport property.

Good to Know

  • Economy class travelers can buy a pass and relax in several airport lounges; showers are available in some.

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